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06.07.2018 , 03:20 AM | #1
Because its still broke and has been ever since they changed the animation for no good reason. its been 3+ years. devs fix this crap already revert it back to series of shots animation it was working perfectly fine back then until you changed the animation.

the issue: series of shots fires 4 rounds, successfully, 100% of the time, for virulence and engineering spec.
BUT! Marksmanship: penetrating blasts fires 4 rounds (suppose to be 5 rounds) something like 70% of the time but after a sniper volley ability will usually fire the designed 5 rounds.. but its buggy at best and this is very frequent in pvp.

If you revert the animation back to series of shots for marksmanship you will fix the problem you created years ago. a broken animation that doesnt work right or even aim properly when people move to your side or back if you are facing forward. its a crappy animation and any marksmanship sniper that pvps knows the penetrating blasts animation is CRAP and broken. the series of shots animation it had for a short time when the 5 round improvement was implemented was FAR SUPERIOR than the new animation penetrating blasts has now for marksmanship sniper, AND WOULDNT BUG OUT and FIRE 4 rounds over 5 70+% of the time!


devs revert penetrating blasts animation back to series of shots animation to fix a terrible bug.

thank you.

proof its bugged
pvp vid
pve vid