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Few reasons imp 50 PvP is sucking
edit: forgot one 2 of your team quitting when they see a premade right when voidstar doors open leaving it 6 v 8 while the other team blows through the first door causing 2 more to drop. Gotta love those types
Hah that would of been me last night leaving after seeing 80% of my group below 16k hp and seeing a BL premade and a Zabuza charging towards ya, sometimes you just want to get your weekly/daily done and log off
I generally give the bad groups a chance, if I donít recognize the names coming at me I generally play the game out.

Pubs also have the guys who do not call out and all of the other mistakes casual/bad imp players make, they just generally have superior dps in the que most nights, for instance we had a hypergate game last night where mid match after falling behind a bad rep premade just suicide flooded our node and denied us two caps which ended up being a loss, a scrub marauder in recruit blamed the rest of the team for the loss, because he had more medals then us he was 3rd in dmg, with a whopping 90k, IDK how that is even possible, was he just hitting auto attack the whole game?
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