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Honestly, what they need is a clear sense of gear progression. If I was new how would I know that the 198 vendor one is worse than a 192 or 186 token gear. Either make comm gear balanced but a 2 level lower (190 and 196) or allow us to buy all individual enhancement mods and armor (without set bonus) from comm vendor at a the price of an entire com gear armor slot or something so that there is some sense that you can get a second best upgrade and its clear while makings sure Ops are the primary way to gain gear but allow us to use our comms to equip other non-priority toons in a progressive manner. Right now unless your a tank looking for B mods, comms are ohly good for armor and offhand. Top gear doesn't have to be included in this, and as long as they keep the comms scarce it should be fine.
Why run the daily reward for FP for elite coms when I can craft a better enhancement at 186. And I can do that while not even playing the game)
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