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Any orange weapon that is fully moddable. It shouldn't even have to be said.

I am a person who rejects nearly all weapons from Cartel Packs save for very few exceptions (notably, the Unconquered Defender Lightsaber) because most of them don't look good in my opinion, don't scale correctly to character body type (being too large and/or too long), have bad "hook points" on character waists (primarily the case with double-bladed lightsabers), use horrible sounds or any combination of the afore-mentioned.

My characters wear vanilla gear that was available from 1.0. They have a more pleasing aesthetic and fit more with the world this game originally set out. So do the weapons. While I personally don't like weapons or gear with "light-up gimmicks", I would still like for all the original weapons to actually OFFER the possibility of adding them in.
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