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I am strictly a PvP player and am not much good at dummy parsing - can you explain how an extremely high alacrity build changes the rotation? My understanding is that it wouldn't actually change the 2 blocks fury goes through but just speed up how quickly you move through them. Is that wrong?
Thank you for making me go back and test this stuff, turns out I had attributed the difference for a rotation change, however there is no rotation change, I was just basing that off of the previous rotation and I had assumed (wrongly) that the previous rotation was a good one.

The main reason is something that I don't completely understand why it happens though is that the difference of 1.3% alacrity (changing one crit enhancement for alacrity to reach 1850) causes an apm difference of 3 which is a huge difference. That apm difference is by far the biggest reason. I'm pretty sure it's because of the way the game rounds the GCD. With 1850 alacrity it rounds to 1.3 seconds per GCD while with any lower it rounds to 1.4 seconds which adds up to a ton of extra time saved over a few minutes for very little lost in crit.

Thanks for making me actually understand what's happening so I don't look like an idiot anymore.
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