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05.30.2020 , 10:24 AM | #22
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the only reason people want it nerfed is cause merc heal in PVE is too ez , but in PVP its balanced.
if they do nerve this set healers won't have any viable set left anymore.
Not just "too ez"..too easy AND too strong..

Merc basically has no weakness. The best single target healing, close 2nd AoE, great DCDs, energy management is a joke, and good offdps on top

Argueably, for healing classes to be somewhat balanced any combination of different 2 classes should almost always be stronger than stacking the same class twice (fringe cases where a single utility is extremely powerful aside). Currently Merc/Op is the strongest combination, but after that you could make a good case for Merc/Merc over Merc/Sorc or Op/Sorc which speaks to the OPness of Merc. You wouldn't run 2 Op and definitely not 2 Sorc