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As many people already addressed the real concern, there just wouldnt be any content to play. Swtor was released with limited content and all foces was aimed at the class stories, which you were supposed to play over and over again with different styles. You made a male sentinel and went light side, married Kira etc. Then you made a female sentinel went dark side etc. This was the concept of classic Swtor.

Another problem with this is that veteran players played this far too many times already! The game consistently lacked content and we kept on playing the same class stories, flashpoints, operations over and over so there really is nothing new that would come from Swtor classic. Not to mention as people said the QoL things that have been added. People have no idea how it was when speeders were not allowed on fleet!!

I have suggested it many times, what could work are "Era servers" there would be a 2.0 and 3.0 for example. This would have more content and some of the newer features. Surely they would have to include things like GSF, Outfit designer, Strongholds etc, those are things people are used to already. I think these servers could work, but not a Classic Swtor 1.0
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