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if they do a SWTOR Classic with everything original 2011 release status, would you play it? or are you happy with current status of the game? Would you buy a sub just for this?
No. No. And no.

I remember running around without a speeder until Tatooine. Or not automatically opening quick travel points. No legacy system. Ilum massacre. Massive PvP faction imbalance. That all wasn't funny. No, thanks.

I would prefer the game as it is now (without the Ossus grind) but with regular small game updates (content) as well as loot updates (shinies and stuff). I don't see anything interesting for me coming with 6.0 except the bit of new story.
Bioware offers a friend referal system which gives referred players a couple of goodies (incl. 7 free days of sub and a neat free 10 x inventory slot for every character) and referring players some little shinies and cartel coins.
I would be happy if you choose my referral link to grab your free goodies.