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Quote: Originally Posted by TACeMossie View Post
Blood boiler on cooldown should be fine.

Go for something like:

Bludgeon -> Sucker Punch/Backblast -> Sucker Punch -> Filler

Where filler is Blood Boiler on cooldown, then Vital Shot if you have the energy for it, then Shank Shot if its available, and finally if all of the above can't happen you go Flurry of Bolts.

That should pretty much cover the Scrapper rotation.
There are actually several ways that we can improve on this. Blood Boiler drifts with respect to Blaster Whip, as does Shank Shot. Thus, the optimal rotation delays Sucker Punch in order to get its fillers on cooldown. Basically, you land in a priority queue something like this:
  1. Sucker Punch (if 2 TA and BW or Pugnacity or Cloak coming off CD)
  2. Blaster Whip
  3. Backblast
  4. Blood Boiler
  5. Shank Shot (if <90 energy)
  6. Sucker Punch
  7. Vital Shot (if >95 energy or Cool Head coming up and not ticking)
  8. Quick Shot (if >95 energy or Cool Head coming up)
  9. Flurry of Bolts

Structurally, things basically continually drift. The only static point is Backblast in relation to Blaster Whip, assuming that you don't have fight downtime or similar forcing them out of sync. Incidentally, in a boss fight I also find myself using Vital Shot a fair bit to get a ranged bleed on a target, so that I can use Blood Boiler as I'm running up.
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