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So, I've seen the Dire Eliminator ( robes being sold on the GTN, however, SWtOR fashion rather explicitly states they're not available in-game anymore, they can't be crafted, nor looted, or anything to my knowledge. So how are players coming across them and selling them? Anyway, I purchased it thinking that since it's in my collection, I'd be able to buy it across Legacy, which to my surprise, unfortunately isn't the case (for whatever reason). I bought it with the intent of having a few of my characters have it.

Anyway, TL;DR:
How does one obtain the Dire Eliminator robe without the need of GTN? Is there a certain heroic, planet, flashpoint, etc. that has to be done? And should I feel like I got cheated of 2M for an expensive robe? Oof.

Anyway, thank you in advanced if you're reading it, and double that if you replied. Have a good one.
"No Longer Available" just means that you can't get it from a vendor in the game anymore. If someone else had previously gotten it, they could still turn around and sell it on the GTN.

And the Dire Eliminator set is one of the armor sets that has stats attached to it. From what I recall, BW decided to not allow legacy wide unlock for stat based gear (since that would become a little too close to P2W). Honestly, all the gear with stats are so bad that I don't really care if they did, but that was a decision they made years ago and probably haven't really had reason to revisit it.
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