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11.10.2018 , 09:03 PM | #1
So, I've seen the Dire Eliminator ( robes being sold on the GTN, however, SWtOR fashion rather explicitly states they're not available in-game anymore, they can't be crafted, nor looted, or anything to my knowledge. So how are players coming across them and selling them? Anyway, I purchased it thinking that since it's in my collection, I'd be able to buy it across Legacy, which to my surprise, unfortunately isn't the case (for whatever reason). I bought it with the intent of having a few of my characters have it.

Anyway, TL;DR:
How does one obtain the Dire Eliminator robe without the need of GTN? Is there a certain heroic, planet, flashpoint, etc. that has to be done? And should I feel like I got cheated of 2M for an expensive robe? Oof.

Anyway, thank you in advanced if you're reading it, and double that if you replied. Have a good one.