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After the past few days of reading nothing but Cry threads over the death of MY/OUR class that in all honesty, We all know had a VERY powerful opener (and by VERY I mean VERY, VERY.) Ive come to the conclusion that this class is going through the same transition as the Rogue back in Vanilla WoW. *shudder* I don't bring up WoW for many reasons here but this is too similar of a situation. A 1-2-3 button class. :P

-Here is a quick video (NOT MINE. I TAKE NO CREDIT.) of the current power of a Concealment specced Op.
(A little silly we can all honestly admit... Come on guys and gals I can't hear you...

Current conception of the Class via a good 95% of OUR OPs community:

-"My job is to KILL the high priority targets only."
-"My job is to Open on the supporting class of the high priority target."
-"My Job is to Open on the Target assaulting the objective and kill it."
-"My responsibility is to lurk around the outskirts of an ongoing fight (NEVER DIRECTLY ENGAGE) and pick off Fleeing/High priority targets."
-"AVOID Combat that Links me to more then 1 target, thus avoiding becoming locked in combat prohibiting re-stealth."
-"AVOID ENGAGING a target unless appropriate cool downs are available."
-"ONLY ENGAGE in Combat if victory is guaranteed."
- Etc. You all get the Idea.

These "rules of engagement" are not Incorrect don't get me wrong. But are such a small and 2 dimensional way of looking at your/my class.

How we SHOULD be Viewing the Responsibilities of our Class.

-Killing the High priority Target (Requires a team effort. The responsibility is not just on us.) Assisting the Juggs/marauds/sins Is VERY effective. it is VERY easy to blend in with them. WE DON'T USE EASILY NOTICED SABERS! YAY!!. The ability to eliminate a target in a handful of Globals is unnecessary and makes for sloppy/lazy gamers, leading to lazy non-dynamic game play. Promotion of this type of game becomes Boring and frustrating at the same time for all.

-Killing Support. Again, falls to all DPS/Hybrid classes/specs. The Responsibility is not just Our burden!!

-Attacking targets taking/assaulting objective points. EVERYONE'S JOB regardless of class spec. THIS IS OBJECTIVE BASE COMBAT. NOTHING ELSE MATTERS BUT THE OBJECTIVE. Sacrificing yourself is Primary when Defending/Taking a Point. OUR Survival is SECONDARY. ESCAPE IS NEVER AN OPTION AT THE COST OF GIVING UP A POINT. REMEMBER THIS PLEASE. Cowardice losses WZ's, remaining stealthed is Shameful. The Greatest thing the Devs have done for this game is leaving OUT the killing blow counter. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!

-We are a Melee based STEALTH class BLESSED with an IN COMBAT HEAL!! WOW! this is "Home Alone" face slapping amazing! HAVING YOUR CAKE, EATING TOO, THEN EATING THE KID BESIDE YOU PIECE TOO!! while I will agree with you, Spamming it while letting a jugg/maraud beat on you is a very ineffective use of it. HOWEVER, the Devs were so kind to make terrain more then just a flat slab. If caught in a bad situation, Use line of sight. LOS is that Immunity bubble we all have access too. DONT FEAR IT! Flash bang/debilitate +sever tendon is VERY effective at pealing off that nasty melee to buy time to get that health differential back to a manageable level. and if it is still too hairy, Cloaking screen. Don't forget, We have not 1 escape! (Escape) but our passive "avoidance training" turns our (Evasion) into a 2nd!! Dots Chewing away at you and no time to heal? Toxin scan! (I know it doesn't work on every debuff unless speced, but it will help i promise!!) Shield probe/Sleep dart/CROUCH even! (I know a good 99% of you ops haven't used this since lvl 10! USE IT. ITS FREE RANGED DMG MITIGATION) are more utility given to our class I know you can all find uses for!

-WE ARE SO MUCH MORE THEN MURDERERS! remember how I said this is Objective based pvp? I see SOOO MANY Ops JUST Killing when We could be assisting the Ball carrier (eg. huttball) by doing more then stalking people. WE ARE STEALTH = PERFECT CHERRY PICKERS!!!
The Most deadly Ops I see are NOT the ones killing people then vanishing. We all re-spawn... We Don't however all Score. Since we can cherry pick and remain in enemy territory indefinably We make perfect forward pass Targets and Juggernaut INTERCEDE anchors. We can also be the END-ZONE RECEIVER that CANT be intercepted since the enemy team will only guard/kill what they see.

-Even if we aren't Specced to heal. HEAL YOUR HIGH PRIORITY ALLIES WHEN NEEDED.
this is coming from a CONCEALMENT spec Op! We Can SAVE LIVES JUST AS QUICK AS WE TAKE THEM. That little extra heal can be the difference between a goal or a turnover. Defending a point or giving it up. Our Roll is ever Changing with the Battle. We have to be always Adapting. Shifting from Slaughterer to Savior. Back up Healer too Back bone of a perfect pass touchdown!!

Guys And Gals. I PROMISE YOU. They can Nerf our Opener to the GROUND. HELL, They can Take it AWAY if they want! LET THEM! We are Still and Always will be the most versatile class on that field regardless of which it is. Able to achieve victory Regardless of the roll we must fill. We are only Limited by our imagination and confidence Behind this Class

I will embrace this upcoming patch because I know it will make me a better OP. Will you Evolve?