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I don't have a whole lot of experience playing MMO games, so I can't spout off a lot of impressive class stats and the What I can say however is that I play both a Jedi Guardian and a Commando in The Old Republic and words cannot describe how frustrating playing as my Guardian. I have to be 2-3 levels above the level of the quest just to play it normally and leveling has become such a grind that it's no longer fun, its more like a job. Especially when you end up completing every quest on a planet and desperately sc****** the bottom of the barrel for a few more experience points.

My Jedi Knight was my first character I played him until around level 20 or 25 and then created a Trooper character. I was completely blown away at how much easier the game was. I no longer had to stock up on thousands of dollars worth of medpacs and stims just to beat the end boss of a side mission. The game was fun again.