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I've been watching the dev forums since 1.2 came out to see if there is a response. Lets hear it Bioware. It doesn't even have to be the response we all want to hear.

Many games and changes are successful not because the devs bend to the will of the players but because they are more responsive. The silent majority may not be posting qq threads or woot this is awesome threads, but they are watching and waiting.

I can't count the number of times I've read "working as intended" and not liked it, but it satisfied me because I at least understood what to expect.
Thats the thing. If they indeed thought the game is where its supposed to be, man up and say it. People will QQ, they always QQ. But in the end it'd give people a chance to really know if they want to be a part of this game or not.

I know you don't wanna lose subs, but you will regardless by not saying anything.