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And I'm correct to assume that in order to get GEMINI Gear faster, I need to do MM Ops?
That's one way, I'm not sure it's the best way. I never bothered power-levelling my characters.

You get a lot of gold drops (236 and 242) from the command crates as you gain ranks (until you reach command rank 300 - and then the drop rates are horrible, and can't be traded in for what you really want). Save all the gold drops as you level command ranks for upgrading later.

If you run alts, you can use the lower tier gold drops from one class to buy the next tier up for another class. The best way to get the unassambled components to upgrade is from PvP.

The actual fastest way to get gemini gear is to buy the crafted 246's - although that is expensive and you won't get any set bonuses.
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