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It was not an easy win button, too soon and you were dead. Pop it when you don't need it a second ship got you. Now I use Dfield and I still get shot threw-out the duration then when it's over I am gunned down. It was a great move but it did not make me invincible, fine, whatever, bunch of 12 year old want to complain; the addition of bombers countering the **** out of scots, not enough for you? Ok fine, refund the points I spent on it.
First and foremost I assume this person is a complete troll with both what he is saying and his sig. In the off chance he is serious, well here is the reason. Distortion field pre-nerf was so good that is was not used defensively, it was in fact used offensively. For 6 second you would be near unkillable allowing you to go head to head or simply turret in place while you blast down opponents. Pre 2.6 I piloted a blackbolt exclusively due to its fast paced play style and immediately knew evasion stacking would be on the chopping block.

As of right now I still out perform most when flying my scout and I no longer even spec for d-field or emp field, despite this I still rarely get gunned down or hit with missiles. Your problem sounds more like an adaptation/learn to play issue.
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