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I've been meaning to make a forum post about the changes to deco donations that came with the last patch. I track this pretty religiously and have tried to call out for the devs the inconsistencies around deco donations in the past. I was extremely happy to see the changes this patch. There are still a couple outliers but overall it's a huge improvement.

FP decos and prefab decos were previously still donatable by physical copy donation, now there's just two ways to donate them and more options is great. The best part, though, in my opinion, is that a whole bunch of decorations that were previously BOP or BOL with no way to donate them at all have now been updated with a price. This is wonderful.

If anyone needs a reference for what is and isn't donatable, I maintain a comprehensive Google sheets spreadsheet that shows this (using filters is the best way to fully unlock its usefulness). It can be found here. It also tracks other information such as where decorations are sourced, and if it's a reputation faction deco what reputation level you need, and etc.

Where the guild donation price says N/A that's because I've been able to personally confirm that it can't be donated in any way (some of these are definitely still bugs). This category is now much smaller since the new patch, yay!

Where it says Unknown it's because I haven't personally unlocked the deco yet and therefore can't personally validate donation status. Sadness.

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