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Amen to this. I've player GSF once , only once on 1 character. And was totally lost, had no clue how to do anything, and had no real way even within the tutorials to explain/understand how to do things within GSF. Maybe I'm just blind, but being the IRL son of a High School English teacher, I can read, I can follow instructions, & I can listen to others trying to help via chat.
But this was a major, complete, total & utter disappointment. Pancho was being nice when he said "Nice Try" , this was not even a Nice Try. It is a dismal failure. Here is hoping for it to be fixed , fast.
Yup, you really tried hard and gave yourself a chance to learn. There is a whole, rather large (considering the fact that this is an MMORPG), community of people that enjoy it and find it amazing so, obviously, it's at least a little better than "not even a nice try".

In case you're willing to actually put some effort into learning, here are some useful topics:

Also, on every server and faction there is a GSF chat channel. It may not be very active everywhere, but there mostly are people at least reading it. Ask for help there.

Oh, and if anyone else wants to trash GSF comparing to Freelancer: I spend 1000s of hours on Freelancer over the years and had absolutely no difficulty adapting to GSF controls, even find those 2 quite similar in many aspects.
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