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I understand where you're coming from. This spec has no burst and not designed for 1v1 combat, i give you that. Its survivability is actually good for a hybrid. It also has better damage than full ST because of PFT, though ST has better heat management. I would suggest you give it a try for a couple of games because it is working for me. I was also thinking if dropping 2 points off PFT would be a good idea to maximize resource.
its not for 1vs1 and has no burst + the only skill that makes it stronger in the dps department than the full tank build is a very situational and easily avoidable conal aoe. PFT + DOA are great for putting high numbers, but they are rarely killing any1 - we can see it on the screens you provided - that novare must have lasted 30 minutes or something + there is about 3m+ healing on your opponents side, little numbers of deaths/kills on each side.

voidstar - you put a nice portion of dmg in there BUT 18 kills? again we can say that was fluff aoe, and while i admit in voidstar its whats needed (doa on the doors, Flame thrower while standing near doors is good and important in voidstar) every basic powertech build can do it, and can do it better.

the screens probably prove that you are a skilled player, but they do not make the build look better in my opinion.

I actually consider picking up the 2 free stacks of FS. Picking up the FS slow would be detrimental for the build as i will skip better talents for it. As for stun CD, it is a situational talent that is not supposed to be abused whenever it's up. The shortened quell is more favorable because it's a more on demand ability.

Jet charge and HO already provides us with good mobility, so those points are better invested somewhere else.
i know you couldnt take both FS slow and PFT, too few talent points to do that but if you want some control and cc's like you said before than i think FS slow >> fluff PFT dmg (again i know PFT is great, but ALONE it doesnt change anything).
i agree shortened quell is a must in pvp, id gladly see it in my full tank build.

having jet charge + HO is good mobility? yeah but EVERY tank has it, and you can spec into sooooo much more with tank for huttball if you take those speeds and longer HO and other movement improving stuff.

i do believe you make this build work, but i find it strongly inferior to any full tank build.
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