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Again, this is not a full dps spec. It is designed to control, pressure, shutdown casters with its mobility, CC-capability, and survivability. IGC is a tanking tree, but this spec still brings good numbers, even at top of dps on most regular warzones with good protection. I will try to post some videos if time permits it.

control them with what? oil slick alone?

1. slows and stuns - you got no flame sweep slow, no ion gas cylinder slow. ok you took the RB slow but thats not enough. no stun cooldown reduce taken.

2. movement and mobility- no speed on jet charge, no speed from AP cylinder, no increased time for hydraulic overrides

3. having grapple improving skills taken is a standart for any pvp-tank build, i dont see why making hybrid out of it makes it any good

"designed to pressure and shutdown casters with mobility and survavibility" - seriously, care to elaborate on that i just really dont get what does that mean - you wanna run around them to confuse them, or make them laugh at you? and you dont really have that much survavibility either.

"bringin good numbers? topping dps charts?" with what, may i ask again? PFT alone? you really dont have anything besides it in your build. if you top dps charts with PFT than i doubt your opponents in WZ are old enough to purchase their own beer... even if you do put good numbers its a fluff aoe dmg from flame thrower and death from above, or simply a gear gap - becouse any dps spec SHOULD do much more

Gearing for this spec is dps, so we don't need the talents beyond jet charge.
so you go high up tank tree while gearing for dps (but you take shield offhand and use ion gas cylinder) and only taking jet charge? it could've work in 1.7 or before, but i really doubt it works now...

I did not say anything about burst. Our class has so much to give, not just burst.
and you want to pressure all those people with what? do you even plan to kill people with this spec? or just pressure them with no dmg and control them with no slows/stuns?

A lot of PT players only focus on damage numbers, which is very superficial. This spec does not follow that path, it plays more like an immortal tank with dps gear and tank offhand. It's built for objective gameplay, which is important for winning pvp matches.
playing a tank in dps gear is soooo 1.7ish - want to tank and support objectives and healers - go make a full tank, they are great nowadays. there is NOTHING this build can do that a full tank wouldnt do better (even dps probably due to better heat management, spamming flamesweep and flame engine skill)

also if you want a survivable and mobile huttball build check out this thread:

PS. sorry if i sound too harsh here or there ;P
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