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Ever since they "reworked" (destroyed) gore, it's been a pointless spec to play in PvP. The fact that people were using gore in that way despite your intentions shows that the spec needed help, not that it needed to be "reworked" in that way.

Carnage still desperately needs help. But why do I care? I've said that until I stopped subscribing out of frustration with the constant huttball matches and lack of attention to class balancing. Countless posts asking for Carnage to be given something seem to have done nothing.
When did they destroy Gore? The armor penetration on Imperial side has been renamed for Marauder. "Gore" is now the equivalent of Lance (I cannot check right now but I am almost certain of this). Precision, the 100% armor penetration, is called something other than "Gore" on Marauder side.

When I had come back to the game, they changed the name of the 100% armor penetration on Marauder side for some reason, and that confused me and it took me a few moments to realize that it had been renamed.

Gore has been renamed FURY. Weird decision, but that is what has happened.