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08.12.2020 , 03:40 PM | #23
Finally i can actually use the forums again. Anyways, just as predicted even with the buffs Combat/Carnage is still absolute dogsh*t in both pvp and pve. What a surprise. I think at this point the spec really does need to be reworked. Every time i try to play it i just end up regretting it. At the end of the day we can only pray to Bioware overlords to do something about it but considering their track record of leaving NEARLY A DECADE OLD BUGS in the game, it's unlikely we're getting more than just another small dps buff. Sad how sent/mara specs were completely gutted and their personality stripped away. Prob not only Sent/mara got that treatment. Probably done so that the game's more easily balanced, which is prime irony considering the game is far more unbalanced now then its ever been.