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After playing Combat (Carnage) for awhile, I saw the overwhelming stuns, roots, snares, and knockbacks...and I elected to return to Concentration (Fury). Concentration just does not hit that hard (neither do any of the Sentinel specs) and yeah, the developers need to do better with Sentinel. Oh, they can perform well with a great healer, but without one, PvP is a slog. You're right, the class is not much fun at present. The luster of playing again has worn off.
Well you are right, from 1 min of fight i am cced like 50 sec. Theres 10 sec of fight that i can do some dps.

But what Ive seen Pacify and Lance does not do anything from the tooltips. 90% minus accuracy and i am getting dmged all the times (they are not immune, and from what ive seen it only works on sentinels and guardians) , Lance using on operatives and everything does not do anything, they can dodge roll and escape everything.... whats the point of those 2 skills which most of the times doesent do anything. Ok pacify for conc/fury does good thing giving cc imunity, but on carnage/combat is garbage. .... carnage/combatneed some big dmg boost burst like PT have to be actually super fun...

I am sick of something about combat/carnage!