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Free to play doesn't turn games into successes. Companies turn to this option when the game fails at being a decent mmo and have problems retaining subs. Companies slim down, lay people off, reduce updates, and add in cash shops to bring in revenue. You people need to stop kidding yourselves. Lotro, EQ2 changed to this option because the games where sinking.

Swtor has failed at being a mainstream mmo and this is the result. The game will continue to survive yes but it wont turn out to be the game that everyone hoped it would be from the start.
Just because it doesnt have 10 million subs and 8+ years worth of content doesn't make an mmo a failure. Actually, the ones who were really kidding themselves were the ones who expected SWTOR to be some kind of mmo messiah. F2P or not, those who were looking to quit are going to quit no matter what because they plain and simply cannot afford to have 2 gaming subs.