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The match ups for new players is ridiculously unfair. They bolster pvp so there is somewhat of an even playing field. GSF is a joke, plus it is all Gunship wars... I dont recall ANY Star Wars movie where they sat back and sniped the enemy. Then when you end up with a team full of Mastered ships vs a team of new players or new ships, it's a blow out. Then people complain about long GSF ques.... I wonder why.

GSF = Broken

It's not just GSF , but PvP in general . Unless you are in a PvP focused Guild , or have enough friends to routinely make Pre-Made WZ groups you are going to feel like "This is so Unfair!" . Newbie's come in, que Solo , does not matter if it is low, mid, or End Game WZ's , as a Solo PvP'r you get put in PuG's with others who mostly are just killing time , or farming WZ's so they can finish a Daily , or Weekly , or so they can get Conquest points or something.
Then , you see other's who are obviously in Pre-Made teams, groups , and you think "Man , we don't ever stand a chance against players / groups like that" , and most get discouraged and stop Queuing , or if they really want to PvP they go and Find a Guild /Friends to help them. Hopefully this is the outcome. But , some just get fed up of getting Steam Rolled over & over and just stop doing WZ' s all together ( this was me ). I mean, you hear the winning team's brag about how good they are and you just have to say "Sure, we'd kick you're but's if you were the PuG's, and we had a Pre-made team" . But, that ends up just feeding the Trolls , and frustrat'es you even more. I've found (In SW:TOR at least) that 97%+ of the PvP players that I meet / fight against in typical WZ's , I have next to nothing in common with them and would want nothing to do with them , outside of War Zones. I'd not be "Their Friend" , and most are just arrogant, Self-Absorbed, Salty Dikwad's that love to brag about how great they are , when in reality it's not how good they are , but how bad the opposing team is. And , it's that way in WZ's , Free Form World PvP , and GSF . It's also why , when I started out and moved over to World of Warcraft for Legion's launch that I refused to do PvP at all . I figured "I've seen this show before. No sense in trying something that I know is just going to end up failing" . I figured , if PvP is like that in SW:TOR , it is probably very, very similar in other MMO's like SW:TOR , and since SW:TOR is basically a WoW clone , safe to say PvP is going to be very similar as well. Same with Elder Scrolls Online , and other MMO's I've tried. Figured , Don't need to go there , I know how things will end up . Now , I'm not 100% sure how things really would be if I did WoW Battle Grounds , or Open World PvP in ESO , but I'm scared enough from SW:TOR crappy PvP that I don;t even want to try any other now. Just not worth the effort in my mind.
And so yes , we all can agree : GSF is broken. Has been for some time . And , IMO , PvP sucks in general , in SW:TOR . All forms of it , GSF , WZ's , and Open World. Too many Salty, T-Bagging Dikwad's , not enough Elder Players that are willing to take a Newbie under their wing and show them "How it's Done" . Sad , but true.
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