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So getting back into the game and getting set up again I notice these things...
  • I must have left before 4.0, nevermind 5.0.
  • Stats are consolidated, skill trees all different.
  • There used to be a thread from dipstik and KeyboardNinja with some heavy math about tank stats. They still maintaining that? Think the 3.0 calcs are still valid?
  • Looks like level cap is now 70.
  • Maybe I should roll a new Vanguard and play up to max to get used to all the changes organically. Would be fun anyway after so much time away.
Sounds like you've been away closer to 6 or 7 years my dOOd.

Skill trees got merged in 3.0.
Dipstik and KBN have long since quit (was good friends with KBN)
Yes the level cap is 70 soon to be 75
I hate leveling so wouldn't suggest it.

As a vanguard tank main from day one, Yes we are the most lacking tank right now, but it's fine in both PVP and PVE.
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