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06.04.2019 , 12:53 PM | #11
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So getting back into the game and getting set up again I notice these things...
  • I must have left before 4.0, nevermind 5.0.
  • Stats are consolidated, skill trees all different.
  • There used to be a thread from dipstik and KeyboardNinja with some heavy math about tank stats. They still maintaining that? Think the 3.0 calcs are still valid?
  • Looks like level cap is now 70.
  • Maybe I should roll a new Vanguard and play up to max to get used to all the changes organically. Would be fun anyway after so much time away.
I rerolled for all of those reasons. It's been very helpful - and leveling is super fast.

I loathe the over simplifications - you even pick your advanced class from the start now.

But, the changes are growing on me.

Doubt the calcs are still valid - BUT there are plenty of updated calcs out there.

Ok - maybe not plenty - but they exist.