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01.20.2019 , 01:06 PM | #1
I'm on the Ilum storyline and got the quest to do the flashpoint for False Emperor. I'm on Pub side btw. I go over to the questgiver next to the flashpoint and he immediately puts me in Veteran mode. My difficulty preference is already on story mode so I reset, abandon the quest, and try again. Still veteran. I ask a friend to hop on and help me who happens to be at the same part in the story. He logs on, goes into the phase where you talk to the supreme commander and get the quest to do the flashpoint, and he's immediately allowed to walk in and do the story mode? he doesnt even have to talk to the quest giver outside, he can just walk in and I can't join him cause it only gives me veteran mode and i cant enter the flashpoint until I talk to the guy. I don't know what to do??