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01.18.2012 , 07:35 PM | #519
No rollback? Seriously!?

As a Jedi Guardian I not only have to work 10x harder (because I have a ****** class) to get to rank 50, yet Imps (who already have it easy) have gone from rank 40 to 55 in under an hour. It's a joke.

It's like my luck couldn't get any worse. The past 18 pvp bags gave me no epics, then I got an epic (bracers which I already owned) then went another 10 bags with nothing, then finally an epic (again -- bracers that I already owned). And now next time I log I have to put up with Battlemaster operatives 1 shotting me?

It's like.. Why should I even bother. It's not as if I'm enjoying the gameplay -- I have a GTX 580 and i7-960 at 3.2ghz yet I get 15-25 FPS in warzones.

Honestly, where are you Guild Wars 2?