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I asked you to show me evidence and you made the below post, its not ignoring your comments, its asking you to to show me the proof that what your saying is correct. Imo if someones suggesting i shud totally change out my playstyle and rework half of my stats because i wont get the best out the class, then yeah i am gonna question it. And yeah, i am gonna ask you to show me some proof.

Quote: Originally Posted by cs_zoltan View Post
Also I had to repeat everything i said because you ignored it very time.
But if you don't believe me I hope you believe KBN who is know for his precise theorycrafting:
The trouble with written conversations, they are so easily taken out of context and i believe you think i am trying to argue with you when i am not and perhaps feel insulted because you feel i am ignoring your comments when all ive done is ask for proof that what your saying is correct. Again, that is wrong, I am simply asking for info, so theres no need to be condescending.

Also. you read to much into my post, ive not said anywhere that alacrity doesnt have any affect on instants, i said theres only one ability that your going to be channeling anyway (which is wrong, theres 2 ). That doesnt actually say i think its got no effect on instants. So your actually assuming i mean something there that i dont

You are also claiming i dont know what it does, when i actually state those things in my post anyway :P

Its not that i dont get how it works, i was simply asking for proof (which u posted) and yes i will now be taking it more seriously. I've always played with 0 and done fine in the past and the only reason i was on this thread was because i was looking into it anyway. But its hard to take things seriously when people make a claim and dont back it up with evidence.

If i told you that your doing everything wrong, im sure you would want me to prove it.

Also, you've not mentioned anything about "not causing resource issues" on the last 2 pages. The rest of those i read ages ago so if you did it prior to that, im afraid ive slept since then.

Anyway, lets not derail this thread. I asked a question, i got the info i wanted. Lets leave it at that as you've obviously taken offence to being questioned.

Thanks anyway
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