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It was condescending because you literally ignored everything I said, not the other way around:
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I'd like to see the reasoning behind taking 600 Alacrity rating. I've healed as a Merc since beta and have always avoided it for high end game healing as ive felt it creates 2 many resource issues.

A bodyguard guildie took up 400 alacrity rating for a test and noticed it only gave him 0.2 extra resource regen. That coupled with the minimal cast time increase (1.5 sec rapid scan down to 1.44 secs) and the fact theres only one ability (rapid scan) that your going to be channeling anyway. We came to the conclusion that its still something to avoid.

I still fail to see a reason to take alacrity seriously as a Merc when Power, Surge and crit will potentially increase the amount ALL of your heals do, whereas Alacrity will only decrease the cast time of ONE of them.

I saw a guide a while ago that showed that altho alacrity is the best stat for HPS it is also the worst stat for heat management, unless anyone can show some definitive maths on this forum to proove otherwise, i find it quite hard to take anything over 0 alacrity tbh.
Here you said alacrity doesn't affect isntants and creates resource issues.
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Alacrity decreases cast time, channel time, gcd, icd, cd and increase resource regen to off-set the previously listed. Oh and it only competes with surge not power and crit.

Surge has bad diminishing return so after like 300-400 points it doesn't worth it anymore.
Here I said that is not the case because it also reduces instants and resource regen is granted by alacrity to offset the faster spending.
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You may not have read my post properly, but i made it clear that i was aware what it does, but you still miss the point i have made. Only 2 of your heals needs to be channeled, at the most 3, which still leaves 5 others that are instant cast.

The regen you gain from it doesn't give as much as a Kolto shot here and using supercharged gas would do. 400 gives an additional 0.2 regen.

So the only thing imo thats beneficial is the Cd/Gcd reductions. But imo, i still dont think its that ideal to take 600 on 1 stat JUST for that purpose because at the end of the day, its still a massive resource sink.

Unless anyone can show the maths and not (opinions), for the CD reduction you would gain per 100 of the stat for example, i'm still inclined to feel this guide is giving people the wrong ideas about stat management.
Then here you claimed you know what it's doing yet again you say it only affects casted abilities and that it doesn't give enough resource back.
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sigh, having instants or casts doesn't matter since it decreases both equally. Having 8% alacrity for example means you will do everything precisely 8% faster. Which means 8% HPS increase.
Surge hits DR hard at 300-400 rating, if you wish to waste your tertiary stats, by all means go ahead.

Just saying even melee classes with 100% instants are using alacrity even though they have to blow 750 on accuracy, that should tell you how much stronger alacrity actually is. And healers only need surge and alacrity.

PS: The resource regen boost is ONLY for offsetting the cast/gcd reduction, so basicaly you are back to square 1.
Then I told you the same thing again. But you still didn't get it:
Quote: Originally Posted by Sandsz View Post
As i said, without any maths to show on here, its all just opinions really.

Look, im not trying to pick a fight over who knows best or what ever. I'm just looking for 100% accurate info and without any definitive evidence, its hard to take anyones word as whats right and whats not right. When i have healed current HM encounters with no problem using 0 alacrity and having 0 resource issues.

From 3 years worth of HM and nim healing experience, ive always found, altho it adds to your number out put, it also adds the same to your resource usage. And the damage thats done at times in these encounters, you need to manage your resource bar effectivly. So 8% faster is great but burning your resources 8% faster, aint so great.

And yes i know it has changed somewhat from previously, but what i am asking, for the sake of any mercs who read this post, is put down some evidence to back up the claims that are being made is all. Its ok saying what does what, but without cast iron evidence, how can you say for fact that its 100% correct? You cant. Personally, i'd love to see some evidence down but until then i'll go with what i know has fit my playstyle so far as i trust it to work for me.

A lot of different people will have different play styles so in their opinion, what works for them is right. All i am saying, is lets see the evidence that whats stated on this thread is correct or its just a persons opinion of what they feel has worked well for them and nothing more im afraid.

Even though I told you twice now that alacrity doesn't cause resource issues you still insisted that it does. If I have to say something three times and you still refuse to see don't be surprised if I lose my (not very big to begin with) patience.