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06.09.2019 , 12:45 PM | #6225
Hey Kitar and everyone,

After realising that the last story i posted has already been posted, i've sat down & written two more from new ideas.

Prompt: Fashion, Shopapalooza
Title: The New Look
Perspective: Lucida, Jedi Pureblood
Word Count: 2041
Spoilers: JK Coruscant storyline, general information about the third area of Coruscant

I've delayed posting this next one for about a week, given the nature of it. Well, I've fiddled with it enough, so here goes.

Prompt: Under Your Skin, Recurring Nightmares
Title: To Share A Nightmare
Perspective: Vette, Twi’lek Adventurer
Word Count: 1,791
Chronology: set in transit to Balmorra

Warning: this piece contains partial and total nudity, mild sexual peril, and gore