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Because if you use the mouse for clicking abilities then you are not using it for moving, which means that you are moving with WASD, which is a whole lot slower than moving with the mouse. To press keys for the abilities, on the other hand, is a whole lot faster than klicking them with the mouse. So by moving with the mouse and keybinding abilities your reaction times are much shorter than the other way round and this is a huge advantage both in PvE and PvP, but in particular in PvP.
I move with the arrow keys, sometimes I auto run and move with the mouse.

I use arrows to move and have 5 buttons on my mouse. My thumb is for jumping and targeting (mb4 and mb5) while mb3 is for autorun if I want to move with mouse.

I don't really PVP (occasional warzone but only really like the original 3 turrets map)

It's also a game so I'm not really bothered with reaction time. If I was pressing keys all the time it would seem like I was still at work!