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Great Thread!

European Servers:
T3: T3-M4 (German PVE)
TRE/Big Red: The Red Eclipse (English PVE)
JKS: Jar'Kai Sword (German PVP)
ToFN: Tomb of Freedon Nadd (English PVP)
VC: Vanjervalis Chain (German RP)
(I don't know any abbreviations for the other servers though.)

PVE: Player versus Enviroment (You fight against computer-controlled enemies)
PVP: Player versus Player (You fight against other players)

RotHC: Rise of the Hutt Cartel (First expansion, launched with 2.0)
SoR: Shadow of Revan (Second expansion, launched with 3.0)
KotFE: Knights of the Fallen Empire (Third expansion, will launch with (probably) 4.0)

Tat: Tatooine, also Tatooine Homestead/Tatooine Stronghold
NS: Nar Shaddaa, also Nar Shaddaa Sky Palace/Nar Shaddaa Stronghold

SaV: Scum and Villainy
Darvannis: Planet that Scum and Villainy operation is located on, used as synonym for Scum and Villainy
Asation/Asa: Planet that Terror from Beyond operation is located on, used as synonym for Terror from Beyond
Denova: Planet that Explosive Conflict operation is located on, used as synonym for Explosive Conflict

UL: Underlurker, the third boss in the Temple of Sacrifice operation
M&B: Master and Blaster, the fourth boss in the The Ravagers operation

SM: StoryMode, easiest difficulty mode for PVE
HM/HC: HardMode/HardCode, advanced difficulty mode for PVE
NM/NiM: Nightmare Mode, hardest difficulty mode for PVE (operations only)

Comms: Commendations

Threat: (PVE only) The player with the highest threat on an enemy is attacked by this enemy. Threat is mainly generated by dealing damage to the enemy, healing a person in combat with the enemy or using a taunt ability on the enemy
Overheal: The amount of healing that had no effect because the target was already at full health
EHPS: The amount of HPS that actually healed your target
DTPS: Damage Taken Per Second
HTPS: Healing Taken/Received Per Second
TPS: Threat Per Second
APM: Abilities Per Minute (depending on class and discipline, APMs considered good range from ~38 to 50)

(You should really check the list for duplicates, like Sin for assassin)
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