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10.21.2019 , 04:35 PM | #4
Thanks for responses.

After spending way too much time, it appears I have all kinds of issues.

Warriors (plural) missing Piece (shows unavailable and rank 1 -at least one had a 50).
Warrior with Jaesa as rank 1 / stuck at rank 1 (was 50).
IA with Lokin available, low rank (was 50).
IA missing Lokin (was 50)
Knight with T7 available, rank 4 (was 50).

Several had comps from KOTFE I maxed, and I guess taking the skip to Ossus (I think that is what the planet is called), must have been killed in the story I skipped, and was able to return them from terminal in Odessen and they seem to have their correct influence.

Google-fu suggests Piece and Lokin return from missions in the KOTFE interface thing for comps, but I don't have either mission showing as available.

Will try to submit ticket but won't hold out for any answer or fix anytime soon - what a cluster-you-know-what they pulled with companions - I hope they never pull the KOTFE 'lets remove the comps' again.