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When you say infinitely more resources, they aren't drawing from the same resource pool. Force Bound only requires the credits while other non-craftable sets require credits and Tech Fragments.

Everyone had to start with 0 Tech Fragments.
No one started with 0 credits.

You can insta-buy the FB set if you already have the capital, which requires almost zero time investment, assuming the entire set is available. With credit totals reaching into the billions for some players, a small percentage of their purse goes to buying the set.

The other sets require you to put in significantly more time into the game or to get lucky. Time may be more of a resource investment to some people as opposed to credits.

Most veteran players probably will have no problem coming up with that amount of credits but forcing them to play content that they do not like is a huge burden. No PvPer wants to grind Hammer Station FP for an entire day.

A valid argument can be made that Tech fragments require more resource investment and a valid argument can be made that credits require more resource investment.

Differences aside, why does one set get a pass while the other does not?
Everything you said is just not true...

Most veteran players on darth malgus have grinded hammer station and red reaper to death in the first days of the expansion and already had full set bonus of 306 and tacticals. The only thing they lacked were the new augments at the time.

When 6.0 came out I did nothing but MM Hammer Station for an entire week to gear myself up . It was painful, but was it worth it ? Clearly yes... Now I have so much tech frags that i don't know what to buy anymore.

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