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Oh you've 'seen' other classes. How about play em?

At 50, btw. None this 10-49 crap.

Unlike most, I play both classes and have come to the solid conclusion that sorc/sage is easily 2x better at healing than a heal ops. Plus sage/sorcs don't have broken core talents nor do they get nerfed every patch.

But you wouldn't know this; to busy insulting me instead.
If you have played that many classes to 50 none of them are geared. By geared I don't mean yeah I have full PVP gear..

So you lack gear and you do poorly. I think I see a correlation.

[EDIT] By geared I mean PVP gear mixed with high end PVE gear for max stats. Crappy mods replaced with power surge mods. Straight up PVP gear sorta sucks