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02.01.2018 , 02:52 AM | #305
Hey everybody. It's been a long time. I still raid, but only about 3-4 times a month. A lot less seriously than before, to be honest. Progression hasn't mattered to me at all, I literally just play to play with friends.

I don't remember the PW to edit the dulfy guide, so I'll just leave this here, the rotation just replaces chilling scream with Ravage, Vicious Slash, Force Push, Force Choke, etc. The piercing chill utility can be whatever (though the devs ****ed up and now we need to grab the AOE DR utility).

I don't read this stuff much anymore, if you seriously need help you can find me at u/rydarus on reddit. I check that frequently since it's on my phone and I can browse the overwatch subreddits on that since that's a game where the devs pretend to care.

If there's another expansion I'll write another guide if dulfy wants, other than that this one will probably remain as is. A lot of the reflect stuff is probably outdated by now.
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