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Hey folks,

Unfortunately, getting the issues addressed and tested in Umbara is taking longer than expected. As much as we want to get Crisis on Umbara to you ASAP, we want to ensure that it is at a quality level we are comfortable with. For that reason, we need to delay Game Update 5.4 by an additional 24 hours.

The new maintenance window for 5.4 will be Thursday, 8/24 at 5AM PDT. I will go ahead and update this timing in all maintenance messaging as well. We do apologize for the delay and thank you again for your patience!

This is where gamers just shake their head and sigh.

The real kick in the pants will be what is broken when it actually launches.

Anyone want to bet the crystals and tunings wont be fix in legacy?
How about something else broken in the FP? Not get the credit reduction or a door that wont open if you touch it too soon. That kind of stuff.

Oh bw you're always good for a laugh.
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