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12.02.2015 , 03:08 PM | #2
Hello! I am Vance! A Rp Officer of Penumbral and I can not tell you how excited we all are to start fresh on the Ebon Hawk! So far the community has been very welcoming and our members are looking forward to all that the server has to offer.

As a guild we try our best at every aspect of ToR to be the best! A few of our PvPers have already jumped into the fray and they have said nothing but good things! Our raiders can not wait to raid and our Rpers have already started immersing themselves into the Rp world.

If you are a Rper, PvPer, or PvEer, Penumbral is the home for you! We pride ourselves on our excellent storytelling, expert and calm raiding atmosphere, and our intensely competitive PvP groups!

Hope to see you all in game!