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07.20.2019 , 02:59 PM | #1
Me: Sorry, Daily Florida Afternoon Thunderstorm, I'm NOT listening to you.
DFAT: [rumbles] I WILL get you to unplug your computer! My ancestors ruined your last one!
Me: Nope. Nuh-uh, not doing it. I'm staying on now, I've an op in an hour.
Me: I wont!
DFAT: [RUMBLES LOUDER] I shall bring complete destruction to all of your electronic devices! Your router shall be blown completely off the wall!
Me: That happened already. I put the new router on a shelf.
DFAT: [EXPLODES IN A THUNDEROUS CRASH] I shall make you flee! Your computer shall be a pile of carbon when I'm done with you! [HUGE THUNDER]
Me: Hm. Okay. I get your point. [Looks for jobs in Syracuse, New York]
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