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Ok, one thing i noticed is that you have different builds for different situations. you dont need that... is the only merc build you will ever need for healing. the points in Power Shield and Heat Dampening are kinda useless, unless your at a boss that uses lots of knockback. then Power Shield is semi-useful.
Straight up, I would never use that spec. I need the extra heat vented because of how high I push my heat when I know vent heat is about to come off cd (I also place my vent heats to come off CD during the damage intensive portions of fights). And heat damping is great because you never have to worry about jet boost pushing you over the max regen threshold.

The points you place in cure mind and powered insulators are practically wasted because they do not help your healing output. 4% damage reduction is a pvp talent and in pve should not be necessary to kill bosses (if it is then there's a L2P issue going on). In pve, nothing about putting a point in cure mind warrants the sacrifice of points elsewhere (heat damping and improved vents).

This does not mean your spec is a bad one, it just means that from a pure output stand-point, your spec handicaps a few small areas. And when it comes to merc healing, I firmly believe that it's the small things that matter (like using the most heat as possible between vent heats and using jetboost to increase aoe healing when it's necessary).

Thank you.