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As far as I can tell, the humans of the Sith Empire are mostly descendants with Sith blood, slaves, or a member of a conquered planet.

So, you have the Hapans who have been out of touch with the galaxy since 4,000 BBY which gives you enough time for a Hapan family to have joined the original Sith Empire and therefore gives your character an identity to cling to. Though, he/she would be Hapan only in diluted bloodline, rather than directly from the secluded system.

A slave background can come from either having a Hapan family enslaved with the original Sith Empire and thus the present day character would inherit that enslavement, or he/she could be freshly caught, as they are supposed to be exceptionally beautiful.

But, if you're going for recent, it supposes that he/she has left Hapes, and probably would not for any reason tell others about it. Therefore, if you're going for either recent slave or recent Empire inductee, then they would lie to all others about where they're from, as drawing attention that can defeat or conquer Hapes breaks lore, as the Consortium is only just beginning to rebuild its Empire. Smaller forces, though, no problem, Hapes will blow up any incoming ships without a tear.

Who knows, though? The Consortium's history is quite fuzzy beginning around 3,000 BBY, so it could be that it's already been inducted into the Empire and it will quietly withdraw from the Empire after its inevitable defeat, just like the Chiss. In which case, play it how you know Hapans to be.