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The Counselar companions weren't directly involved with the Emperor, Kira and Scourge were directly affected by the Emperor in their lifetime and had legitimate reasons to return within KotFE/KotET. The fact Kira and Scourge were left out of this conflict goes against their history and character as Scourge's entire reason for joining the Knight was to kill the Emperor once and for all, and Kira's was about redeeming herself due to her being an ex child of the Emperor, to where both had vowed to do whatever it took to kill him.
Please explain how any of that is relevant to making us, any of us, wait four years (by the time Onslaught drops it will be almost four years since Fallen Empire released) for our companions to return. And by the way, I have two Jedi Knights. I am as interested in Kira's and Scourge's returns as I am Tharan and Zenith, but Kira and Scourge (more so Kira) were the only ones mentioned during the stream.
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