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Where are you getting that number? I've never seen it anywhere. Just because the crit from mastery has diminishing returns doesn't necessarily mean power is better. Maybe power is better at a certain point, but I've never seen someone actually calculate where the point of diminishing returns is that would justify using power over mastery.
^Mastery section. So I'm basing this on Rambol & Hottie's graphs, which also seems to be used in Smarty's spreadsheet.

But the number might be closer to 8000+. It's hard to tell when it graph is every 500 points. From 9000 to 10000, it really starts to flatline.

For some reason everyone started thinking Mastery was better than Power in 4.0 -- and maybe it was for the 4.0 stat distrubution. Mastery is better for parsing dummies because of the crit rating, and obv, you only upload your spikier best parses. I wish there were some sort of 240 Power augs we could test with.

Anyway, that's my opinion. Nobody really discusses these things (with me), so take it with a grain of salt. I love this sort of water cooler discussion.

Every point in Power adds 0.23 Bonus Damage and 0.17 Bonus Healing.
the coefficient of Bonus Damage from Mastery is 0.2 and the coefficient of Bonus Healing from Mastery is 0.14.
EDIT: interesting note is that Rambol and Hottie use dipstik's formulas in their acknowledgments section at the bottom.
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