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Mad Dash in Operations is used primarily for just positioning. The 200% dodge is nice, but similar to why I don't recommend the Undying set bonus -- you don't have the luxury to just dash whenever during fights. You have to hold the boss in specific spots and the very, very specific instances when you can use dash to avoid things (usually by just faceplanting yourself into a wall so you don't move) isn't worth mentioning in the context of this guide - in my opinion.

I disagree.
Positioning is key, but you can use mad dash in most fights (ops or FP), just by sticking yourself against the wall and twirling in place, or for bosses that don't move mad dashing and leaping back immediately. It does take a smidge of planning, but totally doable.

Mad dash is also essential as a cheese in some fights.
A great example is lighting field on Dreadguards (TfB 2nd boss, NiM) where that negates all damage and you can DPS in mid until you need to dash and leap back (DPS or Tank). When holding Cyphas, it also means his leap to you after happens while you have that nifty 20%DR up (Undying 4piece) every time ^_^