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There are times when you have a ton of adds, and spamming sweeping slash helps you keep threat because you need to do SOME damage. Think Dxun 2nd "Boss" phase. Just my opinion, I guess. It's not something that should be in your regular rotation, but I think it's far from useless.

I also would note you have Mad Dash listed as an offensive gap closer, it's use is way more of a defensive tool with it's 200% dodge capabilities, lets you avoid massive damage in quite a few areas.
Dxun 2nd "Boss" phase and pretty much everything I hold more threat by just CB + Smash and then target-switching. Seriously. I know it sounds harder/counter-intuitive, but you have to grasp how much damage Sweeping Slash DOESN'T do. Grabbing the Piercing Chill perk and target-switching provides more.

Mad Dash in Operations is used primarily for just positioning. The 200% dodge is nice, but similar to why I don't recommend the Undying set bonus -- you don't have the luxury to just dash whenever during fights. You have to hold the boss in specific spots and the very, very specific instances when you can use dash to avoid things (usually by just faceplanting yourself into a wall so you don't move) isn't worth mentioning in the context of this guide - in my opinion.
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