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With Sweeping Slash off your quickbar, how do you grab adds when Smash and Crushing Blow are on cooldown?
Juggernauts have the worst AoE threat gen of any tank. If you're planning to grab aggro on adds it's a matter of knowing when they are coming up and holding your Smash or Crushing Blow CD in prep for that. Sweeping Slash doesn't do enough in add-scenarios to stop DPS from immediately pulling threat off you.

Crushing Blow with Furious Power however is one of the best AoE threat-gens in the game. If you know the adds are coming, CB + FP, followed by Smash and Saber Reflect if you can afford to burn it will give you all the threat you need to hold the adds until they die in most scenarios. Throwing in a Chilling Scream for good measure will also mean any adds that are pulled will be significantly hindered when trying to go towards your DPS/Healers and the slow allows you time to react and target them to bring threat back to you.
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