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  • AoE = Area of Effect.
  • BiS = Best in Slot. Usually referring to gear pieces, but I may use it as shorthand for "best" in other places just out of habit.
  • CD = Cooldown
  • DCD = Defensive Cooldown
  • DtPS = Damage Taken Per Second
  • F/T = Force/Tech damage
  • I/E = Internal/Elemental damage
  • M/R = Melee/Ranged damage
  • Bonus Healing - derived from your Mastery, Power, and F/T Power

Relevant Class and Discipline Passives

Sith Warrior Passives
  • Furious Power - +25% Damage to your next melee ability. Gains 1 stack every 30s, can stack up to 4 times. All stacks are consumed on use. You'll use all 4 stacks during your opening rotation, but after that you will never let it gain more than 1 stack.

Juggernaut Passives
  • Blade Turning - First 2 seconds of Saber Ward gain an additional +100% M/R defense.
  • Endless Rage - Generate 1 Rage when attacked, 6s CD.

Discpline Passives
  • Aegis Assault grants +3% damage reduction for 20s.
  • Lash Out - M/R defense increased by 3%. Retaliation costs 1 less Rage and is off the global cooldown.
  • Blade Barricade - Retaliation increases your M/R defense and F/T resist chance by 5% for 10s.
  • Sweeping Fury - Reduces CD of Endless Rage to 3s.
  • Force Grip - Doubles the damage of Force Choke and gives it an additon 100% threat multiplier. Force Choke no longer needs to be channeled.
  • Sonic Barrier - Force Scream gives you a barrier that absorbs 2377.25 + Bonus Healing.
  • Conquering Defense - +4% Shield Chance, -30s to Saber Ward CD, Intimidating Roar applies -15% M/R damage debuff to enemies.
  • Revenge - Defending, Shielding, or Resisting an attack can reduce the cost of Force Scream and Vicious Throw by 1, stacks up to 3 times.
  • Dark Blood - +10s to Endure Pain, +5% I/E damage reduction.
  • Consuming Power - Aegis Assault grants +3% Absorb for 20s.
  • Pillar of Strength - -30s to Invincible CD.
  • Defensive Slashes - Ravage grants +6% M/R defense and F/T resist chance for 6s.


  • Q - Quintessential, must have.
  • HR - Highly recommended.
  • R - Recommended.
  • N - Niche. Only used in very specific scenarios, or overall just PvP-focused.

The only quintessential Utilities a Juggernaut has are Deadly Reprisal (Skillful) and Intimidating Presence (Heroic). There are more in each tier that are highly recommended, and there are some in each tier that are specifically for PvP. Which ones from the recommended list can vary by the situation, I'll give you my MM FP baseline spec after breaking these down, but in Operations there are usually BiS ones for each boss.

  • (Q) Deadly Reprisal - +2 Rage/s when taking AoE damage.
  • (HR) Sonic Wall - AoE Taunt gives all allies Sonic Barrier.
  • (HR) Warmonger - Getting attacked reduces the cooldown of Force Charge by 1s, 1.5s CD on this effect.
  • (HR) Payback - Using Unleash heals you for 10% of your Max Health, -30s to Unleash CD.
  • (R) Unyielding - +4 Rage when Stunned, Rooted, Sleep'd, or Knocked. (Niche to bosses that have Stun or Throw mechanics)
  • (R) Pooled Hatred - +10-50% damage to your next Rage ability when Slowed or otherwise impaired. (Useful vs. bosses with high amounts of Slow mechanics if you just want to boost your damage output).
  • (N) Path Carver - +25% Sweeping Slash damage. (Use on fights that have a lot of adds if you aren't using something else, or during trash pulls between bosses).
  • (N) Overwhelm - Ravage immobilizes enemies. (PvP-specific).

  • (HR) Consuming Rage - Self-cleanse on Endure Pain.
  • (HR) Unshackling Rage - +50% movespeed for 6s when you use Enrage.
  • (R) Unstoppable - For 4s after Force Charge, you cannot be Slowed, Pushed, or Pulled.
  • (R) Strangulate - -15s to Force Choke CD.
  • (R) Through Power - Slow Immunity and +50% movespeed during Enraged Defense.
  • (N) Crushing Fist - 60% Slow on Smash (PvP-focused).
  • (N) Seething Hatred - Charge, Enrage, Saber Throw CD reset out of combat.
  • (N) Hardened Defense - Damage reduction while Stunned (PvP-focused).

  • (Q) Intimidating Presence - +2s to duration on Saber Reflect, Saber Reflect generates +46980 threat on all engaged targets within 30m.
  • (HR) Warbringer - Force Charge enables Vicious Throw to be used on any target regardless of current health.
  • (HR) Through Passion - -30s to Enraged Defense CD.
  • (HR) Thrown Gauntlet - -15s to Intimidating Roar CD.
  • (HR) Piercing Chill - DoT damage added to Chilling Scream, Chilling Scream grants +35% movespeed for 8s.
  • (R) Through Victory - -10s CD to Mad Dash, can be used while immobilized.
  • (R) Reckoning - Intercede increases damage of next melee ability, -5s Intercede CD, +10% damage reduction to target of Intercede (Niche to very specific fights).
  • (N) Extending Roar - Longer range, less damage Force Scream (PvP-focused).

My standard loadout is:
  • Skillful - Deadly Reprisal, Warmonger, Sonic Wall
  • Masterful - Strangulate, Unstoppable, Consuming Rage
  • Heroic - Intimidating Presence, Piercing Chill, Through Victory

What to have on your Action Bars

Note: Unleash (removes controlling effects like Stuns, Slows, etc.) and Disrupt (Interrupt ability) should definitely be on your bars, but as they are overly specific in their use I'm not giving them each their own line in the section below. While Intercede is recommended to have on your bar, it doesn't necessarily fall into offensive or defensive. It's an allied threat reducer that also gives them damage reduction but it is primarily used to re-position yourself.

Primary Offensive Abilities
  • Aegis Assault - Primary Rage builder. Additionally provides defensive buffs to you, only reason to delay using it immediately off CD is if one of your harder-hitting abilities is available.
  • Backhand - Threat builder. Note: this ability is counted as Force damage, and does not utilize stacks of Furious Power.
  • Crushing Blow - Primary damage ability. Highest damaging ability you have, generates the most threat, deals damage in AoE if you are buffed by Aegis Assault. Should be used immediately when off CD. Advanced: after your opening threat rotation, Furious Power should be used only in conjunction with this ability.
  • Force Choke - Threat builder and Rage builder. Should be used whenever possible unless you are at full Rage.
  • Force Scream - Second-highest damaging ability when target is above 30% Health. Should be used off CD unless Crushing Blow is available.
  • Relatiation - Damage ability. Doesn't respect the global cooldown so should be used whenever available considering its low cost. Also applies Blade Barricade so MUST be used at least once every 10s.
  • Saber Throw - Rage builder. Does comparable damage to Vicious Slash, so it can be used in place of Vicious Slash if you are low on Rage with minimal effect to your threat output.
  • Smash - Secondary AoE damage ability. Though this is an AoE ability, it does more damage and costs less Rage than Vicious Slash, so it should be used instead of Vicious Slash if nothing else is available and it is off CD.
  • Sweeping Slash - AoE filler ability. When you've already use Smash and Crushing Blow and still need to generate or hold threat on adds until they die.
  • Vicious Throw - Second-highest damaging ability when target is below 30% Health. Should be used off CD unless Crushing Blow is available.
  • Vicious Slash - Filler ability. When literally everything else is on CD, this is the button you press.

Secondary Offensive Abilities
  • Assault - Filler ability. Rage builder. Use only when everything else is on CD and you don't have enough Rage for Vicious Slash.
  • Chilling Scream - Only considered damage when you have the Piercing Chill Utility, and in that case is a filler AoE DoT. Moreso used for the movement it provides with Piercing Chill passive. If you're trying to have max AoE threat generation I'd recommend applying the DoT from this (if you have the Utility) after using Crushing Blow and Smash so it is ticking while you spam Sweeping Slash.
  • Enrage - Builds 6 Rage, 45s CD.
  • Force Charge - Gap closer. Rage builder. You will open almost every fight with this ability, and used during fights to switch between bosses for tank swaps or to engage groups of adds quickly.
  • Force Push - Displacement. Use on very specific bosses that require you to have a knockback.
  • Mad Dash - Gap closer. Use when Force Charge is either on CD or cannot be used. This ability is also a DCD, so will be mentioned in the next list as well.

Defensive Cooldowns
  • Endure Pain - Increases your Max Health by 30% for 20s, 60s CD. Note: after 20s, you lose the health. If you are not fully healed and approaching that fall-off, it is highly recommended you let your Healer know it's about to expire as you're going to lose a significant portion of your health bar and the lack of communication may get you killed and/or result in a raid wipe.
  • Enraged Defense - Gives 12 charges that last 15s and heal you for 6453.744 + 2.72 * Bonus Healing. Can be used only when under 70% of your Max Health. Has a 120s CD that can be reduced to 90s with the Through Passion Utility.
  • Intimidating Roar - Reduces enemies' outgoing M/R damage by 15% for 10s. Has a 60s CD that can be reduced to 45s with the Thrown Gauntlet Utility. This is also the only DCD that is affected by Alacrity.
  • Invincible - Grants +40% damage reduction for 10s, this can be increased to 15s with the Jaw Breaker Tactical, 150s CD.
  • Mad Dash - Increases M/R defense and F/T resist chance by 100% for the duration of the dash (roughly 1.5s). Has a 45s CD that can be reduced to 35s with the Through Victory Utility. Beginners should use caution with this one, it can be extremely useful when timed properly, but don't dash at the expense of keeping the boss in position. Once you understand how far it goes, and how to dash into walls to not sacrifice positioning this can be one of the better DCD's you have.
  • Saber Reflect - Signature DCD of the Juggernaut. Stops all incoming R/F/T attacks while reflecting a capped amount of the incoming damage back to the attacker. This lasts for 3s but can be increased to 5s with the Intimidating Presence Utility, 60s CD. Note: this ability does NOT protect you from MELEE attacks. For fights that are almost entirely melee damage, you won't use this and therefore shouldn't be taking the Intimidating Presence Utility.
  • Saber Ward - Increases M/R defense chance by 150% for 2s then 50% for 10s, and gives +25% damage reduction against damage from F/T attacks for 12s, 150s CD.

Ability Rotation Priorities

Opening Threat Rotation

Enrage > Furious Power > Force Charge + Saber Reflect > Crushing Blow + Retaliation > Ravage > Backhand > Force Scream > Smash > Aegis Assault > Vicious Slash > Force Choke

If you have the Warbringer Utility, put a Vicious Throw in before Ravage.

  1. Crushing Blow
  2. Force Scream = Vicious Throw (Vicious Throw does a small amount more damage than Scream, but Scream additionally provides Sonic Barrier so they are equal in priority).
  3. Ravage
  4. Backhand
  5. Force Choke
  6. Smash
  7. Saber Throw = Vicious Slash (Similar to above. Damage is comparable, but Saber Throw builds Rage while Vicious Slash costs Rage. So if you are at 8+ Rage use Slash, less than that feel free to use Saber Throw).

Use Retaliation off CD. Furious Power should always be used with Crushing Blow. If you get a stack of it and Crushing Blow is on CD, do not use it with Ravage or Vicious Throw even though you may be tempted. Just wait a couple seconds for Crushing to come off CD and then use Furious Power. You will never go above 1 stack if you stay on top of it and it is the highest possible damage and threat output you can get. Don't waste stacks on lesser abilities once you've gotten through your opener.

Threat Multipliers

Soresu Form gives all of your damage a 2.5x threat multiplier. Certain of your abilities are additionally labeled with "generates a high amount of threat", but BioWare doesn't describe what this exaclty means anywhere. (Same with how Sonic Barrier just says "moderate amount" without giving you the actual number). Juggernauts have 3 high-threat abilities and then there is the buff to Force Choke from the Force Grip passive.
  • Crushing Blow - generates an additional 75% threat for a total of +325%.
  • Backhand - generates an additional 125% threat for a total of +375%.
  • Force Choke - gains +100% for a total of 350%. With the damage it does, Force Choke actually provides comparable threat to Backhand, albeit over time and not all at once.
  • Saber Reflect - with the Intimidating Presence Utility this will provide +46980 flat threat against all targets that are engaged with you in combat within 30m.

Equipment and Stat Distribution


The 4 main Tacticals for Juggernaut tanks are:
  • Embrace the Pain - The cooldown of Enraged Defense is reduced by 2 seconds when you are attacked. This effect cannot occur more than once per second.
  • Hord's Makashi Strike - Retaliation consumes Aegis Assaultís damage reduction and grants Retaliating Defense, increasing damage reduction by 5% for 20 seconds.
  • Jaw Breaker - Using Backhand while Invincible extends the duration of Invincible by 5 seconds.
  • Leviathan's Hide - Crushing Blow generates stacks of Crushing Defenses for every enemy it hits, granting 2.5% increased damage reduction per stack for 10 seconds. Stacks up to 8 times.

Embrace the Pain seems to be one of the best options at first look, but there are 2 major hindrances to it. First, and probably most importantly, acquiring it is seemingly impossible at the time this guide is being written. Second, it seems a lot more useful in the PvP environment the more you think about it. If you need that much of a CD reduction to your self-heal in an Operation or Flashpoint environment, that is a discussion to have about the competency of your Healers.

Hord's Makashi Strike vs. Leviathan's Hide is the main back-and-forth at this time, I wrote a breakdown on the comparison here. Overall I would just recommend Leviathan's as it is simpler to use.

Jaw Breaker is highly undervalued in my opinion. It isn't an overall BiS by any means, but there are certain fights where it comes in extremely clutch and you should definitely have it in your inventory so you can swap to it if needed.

Set Bonuses

There are 2 main class-specific mitigation options for the Juggernaut:
  • Lord of Pain: (2) +2% Endurance, (4) Reduces the CD of Threatening Scream by 5 seconds, (6) Threatening Scream increases your damage reduction by 2.5% for each enemy it hits. This effect lasts 10 seconds.
  • The Undying: (2) +2% Endurance, (4) After executing Mad Dash, you gain +20% Damage Reduction for 6 seconds.

Lord of Pain is a great set for fights that have adds, or just running FP's due to the reduced CD on your AoE Taunt and the incredible synergy with Leviathan's Hide. Using both on a group of 8 adds effectively gives you the same damage reduction as Invincible.
The Undying is a better set for single-target boss fights as it enhances the already great DCD of Mad Dash. Note: Undying is a 4-piece set, which allows you to build an additional 2-piece, but adding a second +2% Endurance 2-piece WILL NOT stack with the +2% you already get from Undying.

If you're looking for a more damage-oriented set, you again have 2 main options:
  • Decent of the Fearless: +2% Mastery, (4) Whenever you gain or use a Furious Power ability charge while in combat, your damage is increased by 10% for 10s, (6) Dealing damage has a 10% chance to build a Furious Power ability charge. Can only occur once every 5 seconds.
  • Flawless Riposte: (2) +2% Mastery, (4) Retaliation has no CD, (6) Taking damage during Endure Pain grants Retaliator stacks, increasing the damage of your next Retaliation by 10% per stack.

Decent of the Fearless is the go-to for increasing your DPS (and thereby your threat gen) as a Tank. It does change what I said earlier about saving Furious Power only for Crushing Blow as you'll be getting more charges. If you build this set your priority for Furious Power consumption is Crushing Blow > Vicious Throw (sub-30%) > Ravage.
Flawless Riposte is difficult to acquire, and even if you have it I wouldn't recommend building into the 6-piece. The 4-piece gives you what you want and frees up an extra 2-piece for a +2% Endurance from any of the other sets that provide it. This gives it credence vs. Decent of the Fearless because you take a hit to your damage increase but you get more Health from your additional 2-piece set.

Personally, I run Decent of the Fearless because the amount you get from the other sets isn't really spectacular. So having the very potent increase to your damage not only helps with threat, but it also kills the boss faster (which technically means you take less damage).

Gear and Stats

Some of this section comes down to schools of thought, other parts are undisputed BiS. When talking about BiS in terms of mods, enhancements, etc., it is good practice to know why something is BiS. For tank, healer, or DPS, you're looking at something called the Relevant Stat Budget. For example: Lethal mods have Power, Mastery, and Endurance - Healers and DPS do not care about the Endurance, so the Relevant Stat is Power + Mastery. Tanks however, have an overabundance of Defense Rating in their gear because it comes in every possible slot other than Armorings/Hilts/Barrels. Their RelStat is found by using Endurance + Shield/Absorb on the particular piece in question.

With that in mind, here are the BiS pieces for Tanks in uncapped, lvl 75 content:
  • Mods: Warding B 80 / B R-1 (Mitigation)
  • Mods: Lethal B 80 (Hybrid)
  • Shield Enhancement: Steadfast 80 / 80 R-1
  • Absorb Enhancement: Vigilant 80 / 80 R-1
  • Ear/Implant: Sund Tech Absorb

And for capped, lvl 70 content:
  • Mods: Warding 80 R-19/20
  • Shield Enhancement: Immunity 80 R-1
  • Absorb Enhancement: Sturdiness 80 R-1
  • Ear/Implant: Sund Tech Absorb


Relics fall in their own category. If you do the math purely from a DtPS standpoint, Reactive Warding is BiS with the second slot being either Shield Matrix or Avoidance. Imperiling Serenity is useless given the amount of Defense Rating you'll get in your gear, and Shrouded Crusader is decent at best though it can be used well in specific fights as an additional DCD.

There are 2 main ways to build a tank right now: full mitigation and hybrid. Hybrid specs work very well for threat gen and just all-round clearing content faster, but it is worth noting the main reason they work right now is because the game doesn't really punish you for going half-DPS on a tank. When NiM/MM drops for Dxun it is suspected you'll have to run full-mit.

Starting with the full mitigation build. There are a plethora of perspectives on how to do this, but 2 reigning schools of thought overall. One of them is to run stats put out by a DtPS algorithm like the one provided by dipstik here, the other is a combination of similar math but adding the practicality of how certain things feel in your gear. For example: there are a lot of people out there who will say you need to get to 50% Shield Chance before putting points into Absorb. Ok, but why? Few if any of them explain their reasoning. Personally I am one of those who advocates for 50% Shield minimum, but I'm going to explain my thought process for why, show you the gear sets, and then let you make your own decision.

A DtPS algorithm for Juggernauts will usually give you less than 50% Shield Chance simply because all it cares about is DtPS. That is what it's programmed to do. What it doesn't always factor is the passives tanks get from Shielding more often. Assassins and Powertechs get Force/Heat regen from Shielding, PT's get abilities off CD from Shielding, Juggernauts get free abilities from Shielding. All of these are considered under how a build "feels" to run. On any tank class, I personally get a very different feeling based on the Shield Chance I have. And over the years 50% has become my minimum just based on playing with many different gearsets. It's not a math-based number, it's an experience-based one, and I am not saying you have to adhere to that rule. I would honestly recommend starting with dipstik's numbers and then adjust things to see how they feel.

My Gear Sets

Full Mitigation - Uncapped, lvl 75
  • 5591 Defense ~35.86%
  • 3501 Shield ~50.07%
  • 3010 Absorb ~49.63%
  • 17444 Endurance ~316,742 Health
  • Tactical: Leviathan's Hide (Jaw Breaker for specific fights)

Actual Pieces

Hybrid - Uncapped, lvl 75
  • 1273 Defense ~25.55%
  • 3511 Shield ~50.35%
  • 1587 Absorb ~40.17%
  • 17963 Endurance ~312,344 Health
  • 1215 Alacrity - 1.4s GCD
  • Tactical: Leviathan's Hide (Jaw Breaker for specific fights)

Actual Pieces

Note: if you're planning to build hybrid, specifically on a Juggernaut, you want Power. Other tank hybrid specs use Crit and this is fine, but the Juggernaut utilizes Power more because it increases your DPS while also decreasing your DtPS - this is because Power affects how much Sonic Barrier will absorb.

If you just want "general rules" when it comes to building, I would say 50% Shield, rest in Absorb. Even if Absorb overtakes Shield, you don't need more than 50-51% Shield on Juggernauts. Absorb overall makes you take less damage. If you want more Shield/Absorb overall you can also swap out the Reactive Warding relic for another Shield Martix or Avoidance one. Also: if you want to run something similar to the full mitigation set and just swap out all the Warding B's for Lethal B's that is perfectly fine too. You'll take a bit more damage, but not anything so drastic to where your Healers will complain about it.

Full Mitigation - Capped, lvl 70
  • 7335 Defense ~38.69%
  • 4039 Shield ~52.63%
  • 3489 Absorb ~52.29%
  • Endurance - Capped
  • Tactical: Leviathan's Hide (Jaw Breaker for specific fights)

Actual Pieces

Hybrid - Capped, lvl 70
  • 6765 Defense ~37.88%
  • 3607 Shield ~50.60%
  • 1972 Absorb ~42.62%
  • Endurance - Capped
  • 1226 Alacrity - 1.4s GCD
  • Tactical: Leviathan's Hide (Jaw Breaker for specific fights)

Actual Pieces


6.0 added Amplifiers as an additional way to make your gear even more specifically tuned to situations. The following are the best ones for making your tank as durable as possible.
  • Aural Resistance - Reduces incoming AoE damage (max 9%).
  • Force Protection - Reduces incoming damage from Force attacks (max 9%).
  • Fortuitous Redoubt - Reduces all incoming damage (max 4.5%).
  • Periodic Resilience - Reduces all incoming periodic damage (max 19.8%).
  • Reinforced Armor - Reduces all incoming damage from weapon attacks (max 10.8%).
  • Tech Aegis - Reduces all incoming damage Tech attacks (max 9%).

If you want an overall one to shoot for, Aural Resistance helps against nearly every boss encounter you'll be in because there is almost always AoE damage being dealt. If you're going to be pushing the hardest content possible you'll need to build different sets for each fight/operation. Examples being Tech Aegis for Gods from the Machine, Force Protection for Dread Palace, and Reinforced Armor for Dxun.

That being said, if you want more damage either for more threat, not wanting to swap sets for different ops, or to enhance your hybrid build - Armor Penetration is the best Amplifier you can find in that field.

Hope this was informative and helps some people looking to get into/get better at Juggernaut tanking. Thank you for your time.
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