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New Rules are Great for Rank. Problem with Unrank is that new players reach lv75 without knowing their class.
In terms of going against premade; well that as always been the case. Players that belong to a guild/like to play with each other will always premade that as always been the core of mmo games.
No, the problem is that players on pre-made teams often do the opposite. They farm numbers and are a detriment to the other four players on the team. Don't pretend as though this does not happen. I have seen it too many times on too many streams, and such behavior is defended by too many people in these forums for it to be denied. The defense is "they've played so many games they're bored and have found a new way to entertain themselves..."

They're effectively throwing the games because they do not care one way or the other for winning or losing..."it's just regs" is how they respond.

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with the new rules players are now force to play
No, it deters them leaving does not force them to play.

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In my opinion players who argue against the new rules are those who use to benefit from the old ways.